About Us

Know more about our pharmacy

Welcome to carecroft pharmacy. We are a locally Owned operated pharmacy that has served the community for years. Our mission is to provide high-quality health care services to our lowest prices possible.

Our team is dedicated to ensure that our customer receive the best possible care. We work closely with trusted manufacturers to ensure that our inventory of generic medicines meets the highest standards of quality and safety.Our knowledgeable pharmacist are always available to solve your queries and provide personalised advice on managing your health.

Our store has wide range of generic Medicines from prescription refill reminders Medicine synchronization we are here to help you our team is committed to provide personalised and comprehensive care to each and every customer.

Mission & Vision

What is Generic Medicines?

Let us know interesting facts about generic medicines

Generic medicines provide cost-effective options for patients, with equivalent quality and safety as brand-name drugs. They are carefully formulated and undergo regulatory scrutiny, making them reliable and affordable alternatives for healthcare treatment

India is considered globally a high-quality generic manufacturer.

Generic medicines are less expensive medicine as compared to brand-name medicine due to the following reasons :

Brand-name drugs have to go through expensive animal and clinical studies to prove their safety and effectiveness, whereas generic drugs have the same active ingredient that branded drugs carried out all the tests. Distribution, Marketing cost, commission and high-profit margins are not included in generic drugs.

Key Features

Quality Medicine Sourcing

Our top priority is our patients' health, which is why we are committed to procuring medicines only from reputable companies.

Ensuring Uncompromised Quality

Our Medicines Procured Exclusively from WHO(world health organization) and GMP(Good manufacturing practices) Certified Suppliers."

Expert Medication Management

Our Skilled Team of Pharmacists and Assistant Pharmacists Ensure Accurate Prescription Management to Avoid Miss dose or Overdose of Medicines.